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Why is an SEO Campaign important?

billionphotos-611054-Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, without a doubt, the most important part of your online presence. It’s what brings more traffic, more visitors, and ultimately more sales to your business. Every day your website is not being seen on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing, you’re losing sales to your competition. Statistics show that people who are serious buyers very rarely, if ever, search past the first page results before buying. That means if your website isn’t being seen on that first page – right in front of people who are ready to buy – you’re losing business! Our Search Engine Optimization services cover every facet of what needs to be done to put you in front of people who are looking for the products and services you offer. SEO – First Page Rankings Guaranteed.



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You can have a dynamic online presence that brings you more customers, clients, sales and profits, while you simply go about running your business. Get All Your Online SEO Needs Taken Care of By…

billionphotos-1673922Our search engine optimization service offers a complete digital SEO marketing package to take your online business from merely existing to being front and center as leaders in your marketplace … ahead of your competition!

If your marketing goal is to gain as many customers as possible so they spend their money with YOU instead of with your competitors, here’s how to achieve that goal.

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FocusArts SEO means…

billionphotos-998019You don’t need to do keyword research and try to figure out how to get ahead of your competition in all the major search engines, for every possible search term… That’s done for you.

billionphotos-1846494You don’t need to continually write articles or blogs and try to figure out where to strategically post them to get even more exposure with the search engines… That’s done for you.

You don’t need to take time away from your family to post on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ in order to build your search engine presence… That’s done for you.

Everything that needs to be done to get your website in front of the people who need and want your products or services, is done for you, while you enjoy your free time and all the extra profits.

So the question is…

billionphotos-1756644Do you want to spend your time and energy studying an industry that changes on a daily basis, requires a full time commitment and takes years to master?

…OR …

Do you want EVERYTHING DONE FOR YOU by seasoned experts who produce proven results, that require virtually NO EFFORT ON YOUR PART?

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Key Phrase Research Done Specifically for Your Site

billionphotos-1648762Key phrases are what buyers put in to find what they need or want. We’ll analyze your site, and your competitor’s sites, to generate thousands of key phrases that are valuable in bringing targeted traffic to you and your business specifically. In addition, during the last part of your sign up process, you can provide us with as many phrases as you want us to work on. And you can add additional phrases in the future at no additional charge.

Targeted Traffic

billionphotos-931975The more people you have finding your site in the search engines, the more traffic you get. The more traffic you get, the more the search engines will notice you. Using the large list of key phrases we generate and skillfully distribute to the search engines, brings you the traffic you need for your business to succeed. And depending on whether you want local traffic, national traffic or even international traffic, we can focus on cities, states, zip codes and other geo targeting strategies to bring people from the exact places you want business.

Link Building

billionphotos-1673922Links are an important part of the search engine process, and building an entire network that links to you will show the search engines the popularity of your site and increase your rankings. Link building is an important component to the complete SEO package. By working with our SEO Team, you will benefit from a team of experts that have been building links and digital presences since 1995, you’re assured that the link building process is being done properly. Please note – working with an inexperienced company that structures your links improperly can cause your site to get banned by the search engines.

Social Media and Blogging

billionphotos-1849480You’re busy, and keeping up with social media on a regular basis is not an easy task. Part of our process includes creating accounts and monitoring posts and updates on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ on a regular basis. Social media management is definitely an important part of your overall SEO campaign.

Unlimited Free Clicks

billionphotos-1867102No matter how many positions you hold in the natural rankings, you’ll never pay anything extra when someone clicks through to your site. This can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in monthly savings over pay per click type advertising methods. The more traffic your site gets, the more money you’ll save on a monthly basis in comparison to pay per inclusion advertising. Pay per clicks charge per click. Organic results can be clicked on over and over at no additional charge. More importantly, paid ads on search engines capture only 20 to 30 percent of the clicks. Natural (organic) listings, like the ones we get for you, capture 70 to 80 percent of the click throughs. That’s where you need to be. Click the Order Now link below and start the process to get there now.

BLOG WRITING: Professional SEO Copywriting Services

billionphotos-1847268In addition to using key phrases on your website and in your SEO campaign, professionally incorporating them into your blog is something that will help cement your position with the search engines. Live content being added to your blog will assist in earning search engine positions, and show them that your site is an important one to promote.

The more active a blog is, the more the added content will enhance your optimization. Adding this new, original content, professionally written specifically and only for you, will keep your site fresh to the search engines, and create interest with potential customers.

Most website owners don’t realize the value of fresh, relevant content, so they put up a website and it just sits there, stale, for years. When search engines are indexing sites and ranking them for display, the fresh, relevant content will grab them and bring them to your site on an ongoing basis, using the new content to increase your SEO score.

All of the blog articles will also be shared on the social networks we maintain for you. They’ll also be placed in both areas so that the search engines see a constant cycle of new links and content on and to your site.

For sites that want to keep their blog closed for their internal use only or for sites that do not have the capability of adding a blog, we can add one to the offsite optimization we maintain for you to insure all elements of this service work in unison as an unstoppable force for YOU.


billionphotos-1846494If you have a website but you’re not involved with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) it’s time to move forward and target social channels. Search engines rely on social networks for content and links (and their upcoming changes will rely on them even more so), and if you do not utilize social media in the proper way, you will find your popularity with the search engines slip. Managing social media is important to your online success, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be the one to do it. We know you’re busy, so we’ve included this important element of your online marketing as one of our services.

Our social media experts will setup your social networking sites (or manage existing ones, if you choose) and regularly infuse them with fresh content for current followers, to remind them of their interest. That fresh content will also be a key component to keep the search engine spiders coming back over and over again. When done properly, adding content to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will boost brand awareness and bring more traffic to your site through the search engines. If you have information you’d like to share on your social network sites, you can send it in and it will be posted for you, along with SEO controlled posts.

When all the segments of the complete SEO package are working together with the same strategy, key phrases and consistency, you’ll have the advantage over your competitors, and rankings will improve dramatically.

FREE ADD ONS Upon Request

The following services are free of charge to assist with your SEO campaign, and are available upon request.


Site Validation

billionphotos-998019Validating your site is key and one of the things most website owners don’t realize needs to be done in order to insure that the search engines fully see all of your content and the links to other content throughout your site. Search engine spiders come through your site on a regular basis and look for information about your products and services via the coding of your site. If these spiders run into roadblocks/errors and can’t get through to the information, they won’t be able to do their job efficiently, and you will get less of your site delivered to them.

By following all site validation parameters, in conjunction with all the other necessary steps for proper SEO combined, your site will have the best potential to get the highest rankings possible.

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization is a process that increases the relevancy of a website for targeted key phrases, in order to improve the site’s rankings in organic search results.

Since 99.9% of site owners don’t take advantage of all that is available to help their sites rank higher, working with Secure Independence Inc. will give you a definite advantage. Our professional programmers will make sure your site is using correct programming and syntax to make it easy for the search engines to read the information on your site. If necessary, they will retool your site, using appropriate programming (keeping the integrity and exact look of your site in tact), that complements the other SEO components of our service.

Please note: Although some CMS sites need to be better optimized, there may be some limitations as to what can be done directly on the site, due to specific software or customized themes that were used and to the software itself. In addition, an update will eventually come and would wipe out what we changed.

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